Comet 17P/Holmes Photos

P-M Heden,
Vallentuna, Sweden
Oct. 24, 2007
Amazing! The comet is so bright that I had to do a short exposure not getting the comet overexposured in the photo! A really surprise!

Keith Geary,
Shercock, Co.Cavan, Ireland.
Oct. 24, 2007

Wow!!!!! This is the single most strangest comet I have ever seen in my Life, earlier today, an alert went out that this comet had suddenly brighened from a predicted magnitude 17 to magnitude 3 - incredible, I wonder how this has happened? I quickly set up my 15x70mm binoculars and I easily found it in the constellation Perseus, just about 5 degrees from Alpha Persei at magnitude 1.8, also the star Delta Persei is at magnitude 3.0, from these two stars, I can see the comet at about magnitude 2.5 !!!!! I could immediately see that it is very much yellow in colour, just like the planet Saturn, and it is definitely non star like, with a slighty elongated shape east-west, with no sign of a tail, especially since the near full moon is shining brightly. This can easily be mistaken for a nova, and is easily visible with the naked eye ! Here is a quick shot that I took.....this will grab many headlines over the next few days... Keith....

Douglas Slauson,
Swisher, Iowa
Oct. 24, 2007
Comet 17P/Holmes - This is an unusual comet, nova-like to the unaided eye, and easily visible despite the nearly-full moon. Approximately as bright as Polaris. Obvious central condensation, yellowish color in 15x70 binoculars, no visible tail. Exposure info: Canon 350D Rebel XT, 1 sec., ISO 1600, f/10, Celestron 9.25" telescope. The image was cropped.

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