Lord Hanuman Real Photo

I got this amazing photo which is said to be of lord Hanuman.

A group of people went to Manas-sarovar for a piligrimage trip.

One of the person there is a Upasaka of Hanuman.

He was exploring some caves It is said that He saw a light inside a cave and he clicked the light and he died (This part every one is confirming).

Later the friends developed the roll from the camera and got this print!.

All of them had cameras and this person happend to click the camera and died there for reasons not known.

The other persons fished him out and the camera and here is the picture the camera showed.

I do not know how much it is true but many people are believing it that this snap is of lord Hanuman.

You can see him with sm books which seems to be holy Ramayana. It is a fact that Hanuman does exist in flesh and blood smwhere in caves of mansarover because he is a Chiranjeevi".

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